I n d a   d'a n t a l


Linda has run the Treehouse Yoga Studio in London for 30 years, creating and teaching 1000’s of classes, workshops, and teacher trainings here and in India. Her first experience of yoga was Yoga Therapy, as a student at INYS Bangalore, from where she went on to become a Yoga Therapist herself with the Yoga Biomedical Trust. She is known for developing the popular 'Mandala Flow’ system of circular and spiral myofascial movement, an ever evolving exploration, based on the principles of Hatha Yoga.. This creative method helps you find your own and unique practices, becoming your own yoga therapist.. through simple to intricate yet natural movements that honour and explore our inner nature and connection to life and to love. 

A l e x a n d e r   f I l m e r  l o r c h


Author of ‘Inside Meditation’, and ‘The Inner Power of Stillness’, is an exceptional teacher, therapist and expert on meditation. Alex has taught at the Treehouse for nearly 20 years, and his students have gone on to work in many areas of health care, and yoga and meditation and wellness fields. He is a cranio-sacral therapist, yoga and pilates teacher, and gyrontronics trainer.  He distills decades of his own movement and meditation practice into deep transformational and thought provoking workshops and trainings. He is currently bringing this work into the NHS and health professionals. 

I c h a r d    r o b e r t s


(Krishnadhyanam/Kd) is a gifted musician, and lifelong student of Yoga and  philosophy, and lives in Bhopal India to study Dhrupad with his teachers Umakant and Anand Gundecha. Kd will teach the Yogic philosophy and bring to life stories of the Baghavad Gita and Vedic texts. He teaches us to find our voice and understand the importance of sound vibration through chanting of 'Alap', and the Indian musical scales. We are so honoured that Kd will return to the Uk and contribute to the course again

k a t I e   f u r n e s s


Katie’s yoga journey began over 20 years ago having experienced the benefits of feeling strengthened, lengthened, more mobile, intuitive and aware. She has had a deep seated belief in prevention rather than cure, awakened at an early age; her main premise is ‘movement is life’ which she developed with her Master Sawatchi Yasukim in Thailand. 

Katie is qualified in Chiropractic McTimoney techniques, Therapeutic Bodywork, Sports Massage, Medical Acupuncture, Kineseology, Reiki and Live and Dry Blood Analysis among others and she’s still learning.

With over 20 years’ clinical experience treating children and adults she takes an eclectic and holistic approach to health and well-being using these practices in addition to Yoga and Pilates. Katie practises Vipassana meditation daily to help her maintain a clear head in the city and to balance the joys and pressures of being a working mum. 

Katie lectures anatomy and physiology to manual and movement therapists world-wide and leads ergonomic based wellness corporate seminars.

On a daily basis Katie treats people suffering from a range of conditions from chronic long-term injuries and disesases that cause ongoing physical pain and limit daily activities through to the fit, athletic, active and healthy.