Teacher Training

If you are considering taking your love and practice of yoga into teaching, we offer small group courses at our studio in London. 

We offer original and independent tuition to those with a sincere wish to develop their own yoga experience and knowledge, to be able to share it safely and confidently with others, both in groups and one to one. 

The format is a combination of cyclical modules, one to one tuition, group work and teaching practice, 'field work' with different teacher and student communities, and self practice assessments.

The whole course can be completed in one year, (currently running Jan/Feb 2020)

  Please contact us for more information.

The course teachers will be Linda d'Antal, Katie Furness, Alexander Filmer Lorch, and Richard Roberts and other specialist guest teachers.

Linda d'Antal, Flow Movement, Principals of Hatha Yoga, Spiral Flow and Body Geometry, Sequencing and Assisting, Katie Furness,  Functional Anatomy, Myofascial Continutiies and Body Reading, Live Blood Analysis, Alexander Filmer Lorch, Author of 'Inside Meditation  and 'The Inner Power of Stillness', Spanda Meditation, Brainwaves and Anatomy, Far Eastern Sufi Psychology and Philosophy, and Richard Roberts, Dhrupad Nada Yoga (sound), Yogic Philosophy, Mantra,  who together hold nearly 140 years  experience in teaching movement, meditation, mantra, massage and bodywork.

Our multi dimensional approach draws from the art and science of traditional and modern movement practices, and far Eastern psychology and philosophy.

The aim of the training is  to give you an inside-out understanding of Yoga and Meditation, and the importance of personal experience and neutrality in the teaching/sharing role.


This is a course of inner discovery through exploration of ancient and contemporary yoga, meditation, philosophy, sacred sound and functional anatomy.

During our time together, we will deeply explore how and why we practice and share this ancient art and science, and its relevance to the time we live in.

You will learn the art of Ha-Tha yoga, natural intuitive movement, the circular and spiral Mandala Flows, myofascial and subtle energetic anatomy, class sequencing, adjusting and guiding yoga and meditation practices, 

functional myofascial and subtle energetic anatomy.  Through applied anatomy and hands-on work, you will learn how to effectively body-read, palpate and safely adjust students in both one-to-one and group classes.


Sanskrit, Philosophy, Nada (sacred sound) and Nidra Yoga classes will further deepen the experience of yoga and its transformational and healing potential.


"Linda d’Antal, one of the lead teachers, has over 30 years’ experience teaching yoga and yoga therapy, and carries an impressive catalogue of yogis she’s worked with and studied under.


Never mind Earth Mother, she was like Mother Earth herself. She came with so much knowledge, passion, and love for what she does – the epitome of the real deal"

Vickie - Student from our India YYT, January 2019

Taken from Vickies' blog post 'Diary of a Yogi-in-Training'

Course Teachers

Linda by Genevieve-23.jpg
linda d'antal


Linda is best known for developing the Mandala Flow system of circular and spiral myofascial movement.

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Alexander filmer lorch


Author, exceptional teacher, therapist and expert on meditation. He is currently bringing his work into the NHS.

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katie furness

RYT200 Sharing 20 years of Chiropractic, Yoga and Bodywork experience, Katie will help you see and feel yoga through new eyes.

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richard roberts

Gifted musician and lifelong student of Yoga and  philosophy. Richard lives in Bhopal India to study Dhrupad with his teachers the Gundecha brothers.

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